Release Notes Effective 1/10/2017

VolunteerMatch makes improvements and updates to its service every 4-5 weeks.

Updates you can expect in this release include:

YourMatch Site:

  • Volunteer Rewards
    • Clients can now change customize text in Application Approval email
  • Suggest an Opportunity:
  • YourMatch Shifts (releasing January 17):
    • Clients will now be able to create shifts for projects
        • Auto-Add Hours will release next month


  • Improved classification of nonprofits using services
  • Approved ten additional countries to use our services for posting volunteer opportunities
    • Countries include: Philippines, China, Japan, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Colombia, Netherlands, Belgium.
  • Added reminder for nonprofit administrators to publish opportunities in “draft mode”
  • Made styling improvements to nonprofit administrator dashboard

For more details on these changes, please consult with your Client Relationship Manager.

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