Customize the Impact Tab

The Impact Tab provides a snapshot of your program’s impact through interactive charts and graphs. The page includes three widgets that let you set goals and share site activity.

1) Organization-Wide Goal ("Impact Tab Gauge")

This gauge allows you to set a volunteering goal for your organization and track the real-time status.

To configure the gauge, go to the Customize tab in your admin area. Select “Impact Tab Gauge” under Gauges. The goal can be based on site registrations (activated accounts), opportunity signups (Referrals below), or tracked hours.

Enter a Title for the gauge and select a Time Period and goal you want to set for your users to reach.

For goals based on tracked hours, you can create a filter to determine what hours will be counted towards the goal; this will be based on volunteers’ responses to an hours tracking question. This is a great way to make a goal for a specific cause area, a core program, or, for example, hours related to skilled volunteering. Then select the answers that will make those hours eligible for the gauge.

2) Impact Graph

This graph displays site activity over time. Volunteers can switch between three different views: their personal activity, their group (e.g. department, office location or other custom grouping) and the entire organization.

To set up the activity graph, visit your Customize Tab and select "Impact Graph" under
the “Home Page” section

This will walk you through customizing the following elements:

  • Data set: Would you like this graph to show signups or hours?
  • Title: Set the header title for the graph.
  • Subtitle: Set the title that will appear after the drop down (e.g., “hours this year” so that the drop down will read “your hours this year” or “your state’s hours this year”).
  • Registration Field: If you would like users to be able to see a subset of hours, you can select a registration question. This will add a third dimension between the personal hours and the company-wide hours so that the user can see the contribution of their group as part of the whole site. Keep in mind that you will want to use a grouping that has clean data (e.g., data that is either a multi-select or has been quickstarted into VolunteerMatch).
  • Labels: Within the drop-down, select what you would like each group to be called. The “You” label will be the hours/signups of the individual; the “Your Group” label will be the hours/signups of the individual’s group (e.g., department, division, location, brand) based on the individual’s registration profile; and the “Your Company” label will be the hours/signups that the whole site has tracked.
  • Date Range: Select the date range that you want the graph to display. This can either be a dynamic timeframe (e.g., previous or current year) or tied to a specific date range.

As you complete the available options, the preview will update so that you can see your graph in action. To publish the graph, select "Save."

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