Storing and Linking to Documents on VolunteerMatch

You can store or host documents such as FAQs and waivers on VolunteerMatch and produce a link so volunteers can download them. These links can be put on your Welcome tab or in the Quicklinks section at the bottom of the homepage.

Within each Special Event, there's a Document Manager in the first toolbox on the left.


Click on that link, and then click the Add button to add a new document. Once it's added, you'll see the title of the document and three options to the right to Replace, Download, and Delete the document. Right-click on the Download link to copy the link location/URL. Then you can paste that wherever you'd like people to click on it.

Note: Oftentimes it's convenient to create a Special Event called something like 'Document Holder', with its event dates in the past, to serve as a repository. When you click on the Special Event tab in your Admin toolbar, you'll need to select View Inactive Special Events from the dropdown menu to find it again.

Note: Ask your CRM to increase the number of documents allowed if necessary. The maximum size of each document is 5MB.

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