Suggesting/posting projects if you're not an Administrator

If your VolunteerMatch site has Opportunity Builder enabled, you can suggest Projects to be posted on the site.  To do so, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your VolunteerMatch site.

2. Go to the Homepage > Your Activities tab, then click the SUGGEST button.  (If you do not see the SUGGEST button, contact your volunteer program administrator to learn how to suggest a project.)

3. Click 'Suggest New Opportunity'


4. Complete the opportunity detail fields (all required fields are labeled with an asterisk *):

  • Title:  Enter the name of your Volunteer Opportunity - be descriptive!
  • Select a Campaign:  Select which Special Event / Campaign your Project should be posted under.

5. If the opportunity requires volunteering at a specific place, select ONE LOCATION and fill in the address.  If the volunteering can be done remotely or on a computer, select VIRTUAL.

5. DATE & TIME: If your opportunity has a specific Start and End date, select SPECIFIC DATES and enter the required Start/End Date and Start/End time.

6. How many volunteers do you need?  Specify either a number of volunteers or no limit.  If you specify a number of volunteers, the project will stop allowing sign-ups once it hits that number (the project may move to a waitlist, depending on your Special Event settings) .

7. Opportunity Description:  Enter a detailed description of the volunteer activity

8. What skills are you looking for in volunteers? Does your volunteer activity involve a skill or skill-set to participate? Select as many skills as you'd like from the Skills Library - the skills will appear on the details page, once the opportunity is approved.

9. What are the requirements for the Opportunity?  Is everyone eligible to volunteer for this opportunity, or are there prerequisites?  List any essentials here. For instance, "Valid Driver's License" or "Weekend orientation session"

10. Benefiting Nonprofit:  Select which Organization you will be working with.    

  • Use the dropdown menu to select an Organization your company is already volunteering with, or add a new organization by click ADD NEW BENEFICIARY.

You can search for an organization in the VolunteerMatch network, or add your own by clicking the "Manually enter your own beneficiary here" link.

After you’ve selected an organization, you may also assign a contact from the benefiting organization to the opportunity.  If you would like the contact to receive emails each time someone signs up or removes themselves from the opportunity, check the Notify this contact on volunteer signup and removal box.

11. What causes does this Opportunity relate to?  Choose up to 3 cause areas that are related to your volunteer activity.

12. Does this Opportunity accommodate special groups? What kind of volunteers are needed for the activity?

13. Enter any comments or additional information for the reviewer.  Your comments will only be visible to the reviewer; they won't be seen by other users.

14. Review your Project Details and click Edit to make changes, or click Submit to place your project in a queue for approval.   An Administrator for your site will review your listing and approve, edit, or reject it based on their listing guidelines.  They may also ask you for additional information.  

15. While your suggestion is pending, you can make edits by visiting the Homepage > Your Activities tab, and clicking the SUGGEST button.

16. When your project is approved or rejected, you will receive an email notification.


17. If your project has been approved (and you have been assigned as the Project Leader), you will see the Project appear on the Homepage > Your Activities tab.  Click the Project Title to view the Project Signup page.  Click the Megaphone Icon to Manage Participants.


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