How to Sign Up Guests for an Employee-sponsored Project

Signing up your friends and family to Special Event Projects is easy!  Just select “signup guests” after you have completed your personal signup. You have a few options on how to add your guests:

  • Add their first and last name and/or email address. Please provide the most amount of information as possible. Click “add” to add each guest to the list.
  • Bulk add emails to copy and paste a list of emails. You will see your newly added guests build on your guest list. If the project is full and utilizing a waitlist, you can order the guest list and waitlist by dragging each guests’ name. Note that you will not be able to change this order once you complete the signup. Click “Sign Up Guests” to add your guests to the project.

How will my guests be notified?

Once you sign up guests, you will receive a confirmation email. In addition, your guests with emails provided will also be notified:

  • Guests with existing accounts will receive an email and be able to RSVP
  • Guests without an existing account but with emails, will receive an email to reply to you How do I manage my guest list? From the project page, you can use the “guests” tab to manage your guest list. You can:
  • Answer questions for your guests by selecting the pencil icon next to their name.
  • Remove the guest from the list by selecting the pencil icon next to their name and changing their status.
  • Email Guests by selecting “email selected guests”
  • Export the list to Excel by selecting “export”

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