How to Sign Up for an Employee-Sponsored Project

To sign up for a Volunteer Opportunity that interests you:

1. Click the Opportunity Title to view additional details.

2. Click SIGNUP.

3. Confirm your profile information.

4. Answer any additional project questions and/or agree to any waivers.

5. Click Send.

6. On the Signup Confirmation Page, you can:

  • Add the Project to your Calendar
  • Edit your answers to the Project Questions
  • Contact the Project Leader
  • Browse similar opportunities in the right-hand sidebar

7. You will receive a confirmation email, and the Project Leader will also be notified of your signup.  


8. From the the Homepage > Your Activities tab, you can:

  • Track Hours for the Project (Click the Clock icon to track hours for a single date.  Click the Arrow + Plus icon to track Recurring Hours).
  • Revisit the Project Details page (Click the Project Title).
  • Learn more about the Special Event (Click the Special Event Name).



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