How to Sign Up for a Local Volunteer Opportunity

To sign up for a Volunteer Opportunity that interests you:

  1. Select the Opportunity Title to view additional details
  2. Select Signup -- some opportunities may have shifts, so be sure to look at the date and time
  3. Confirm your contact information
  4. Answer any additional questions or add a message to the organization
  5. Select 'Send'         
  6. We'll email the organization to let them know you are interested in the opportunity
  7. We ask volunteer coordinators to respond as soon as possible -- if you don't hear back within a reasonable amount of time, we encourage you to contact them directly
  8. On the Signup Confirmation/Opportunity Details Page, you can:
    • Add the activity to your Calendar
    • Edit your answers to the Opportunity Questions
    • Contact the Organization's Volunteer Coordinator
    • Browse similar opportunities in the right-hand sidebar

From the the Homepage > Your Activities tab, you can:

    • Track Hours for the activity (Click the Clock icon to track hours for a single date.  Click the Arrow + Plus icon to track Recurring Hours).
    • Revisit the Opportunity Details page (Click the Opportunity Title).
    • Learn more about the Nonprofit Organization (Click the Organization Name).


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