Customize the Welcome Tab

The Welcome Tab is where you can communicate current information and key messages including the vision, purpose and goals of your program. You can include a message from your leadership, news about the latest volunteer efforts, the impact metrics of your program or a new campaign. 

Once you've accessed your site, select your name in the upper right corner of the page and then select 'Admin'

Next, select 'Customize' and then 'Welcome'


The Welcome tab can be formatted either using the text editor or manually entered HTML for full customization. 

To Customize Using Standard Text Message

The Standard Text Editor has a title, message on the left, and a photo on the right. The text will default to the site’s font. Within the message, the text can be edited to be bold, italicized, and  display in bullet or number lists. The size and color cannot be changed, in order to keep a consistent look and feel on the homepage.

The photo can be selected from the existing photo library within the site or a new photo can be uploaded. Photo tip: a portrait photo at least 360wide by 480tall is the best choice to fill the space within the tab. Please note, your photo library is limited to 15 photos. This limit can be increased by submitting a support request. When the library is full clicking on Add will direct you to the photo manager.

Customizable HTML Markup

For a fully customizable Welcome message use the HTML markup option. When the “Advanced, manually enter the HTML markup” option is clicked the page will update to display a space to enter the customized HTML.

Clicking the preview option on either the Standard Text or HTML Markup will display a preview of the welcome message.  Please note: clicking save on HTML option will delete the information entered in the Standard Text, and vice versa. It is best to save a copy of the content in another form. 

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