Which elements of the site does my Client Relations Manager customize?

You can speak to your Client Relations Manager (CRM) about customizing the following parts of your site:

1) Action Item Buttons - switching which buttons are displayed on your user's activity page

Possible Action Item Buttons include:

1. Track Hours  
2. Suggest
3. Groups
4. Alerts
5. VolunteerRewards
6. News
7. Profile

2) Titles / Order of Tabs - customizing the tabs such as Welcome, Your Activities, and Impact that are on each users home page

3) Highlighted Volunteering Opportunities - customizing the call-out boxes that appear at the bottom of your Homepage

This "call out carousel" can pull in any pre-set queries such as keyword, cause area, and opportunity type. The box for each query will only display if there are active opportunities in the user's area under that search. You may have as many callout boxes as you need.

4) Header and Footer Links - the titles of these links as well as where they point to can be changed.

5) Default Sorting of Search Results

By talking to your Client Relations Manager, you can also update the default sort for search results. The default will be the date that the opportunity was posted, but you can also choose to sort by:

  • Recommended: this will display Special Event projects first, then private opportunities, then featured, then the VolunteerMatch network
  • Event Date
  • Distance


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