Private Organizations

Private organizations are a second way to post and manage projects that are exclusive to your volunteer base. Private Organization tools do not have the robust set of tools that Special Event Manager has (no waitlisting, no managing participants, no project leaders, etc.). However, with Private Organizations you can post virtual, and ongoing listings, as well as basic postings.

To add volunteer opportunities you first need to create a Private Organization. You can create as many Private Organizations as you like and you should think of it as a space(s) on your VolunteerMatch site under which you can post volunteer opportunities.  A Private Organization could be an ongoing program created and managed by your company, a partner nonprofit with opportunities just for volunteers in your company, a location, a volunteer committee, a department, an employee resource or affinity group, etc. Opportunities posted in Private Organizations only appear on your VolunteerMatch site.


Add Private Organization

To add a Private Organization, after logging into the site, click Account Home and then Add Private Organization. You will be prompted to search our network of nonprofits to copy the information onto your new organization profile. You can also opt to fill in this information manually, where you can fill in the name of the page, a description, mission statement, cause areas, etc.

Add a Volunteer Opportunity

To add an opportunity, click the Add New Listing button. You will go through a series of pages that will allow you to add information about your volunteer opportunity including description, location, date, time, etc. and customize the listing to include a photo, custom questions, custom greetings, notification reminders and more.

Manage Volunteer Opportunity

To manage an active opportunity, in the Listings Quick Tool you can select the listing in #1 and then select one of the options in #2. If the listing is inactive, click View Inactive Listings. A listing becomes inactive if it has a date that is in the past. In #2 selecting Manage Listing (default selection) shows you all the different options related to the opportunity you selected in #1.

Private Organization Tools

Listing Manager

This box allows you to manage your active, inactive and suggested listings (if you have Opportunity Builder). You can also manage all the customization elements that you added to listings.

Manage Listing Contacts

To change a listing contact, first add a contact under the Manage Listing Contacts box. Then you can click View Active Listings in the Listing Manager.  Contacts receive email confirmations when someone signs up to a listing.

Referrals & Reporting

Referrals are individuals who signed up to your listings. You can see all their information here including answers to custom questions.


You can email all referrals under the Private Organization from here. To email individuals for a specific listing select the Manage Listing option in the Listings Quick Tool.

Manage Administrators

To add an administrator click Add New Administrator in the Manage Administrators box. Administrators have access to everything you see on this page.

Manage Organization

Here you can change the details about your Private Organization, view how it appears when a volunteer views it and add a photo.

Hours Tracking

In this box you can view details about hours tracked under the Private Organization and communicate with volunteers who have tracked hours. By clicking Opportunity Hours you can track hours for volunteers in bulk.

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