Intro to Reports

VolunteerMatch reports allow you to access your data at any time, and define what you'd like to see. With this tool you can report out on virtually any information that has been input into the system.

You can choose to run pre-created reports, or build your own, and then save, edit, or export them.

To get started, select the Reports tab in your admin toolbar. This will take you to your Report Manager.

1) To run a pre-created report, select the Standard Reports folder, then click on the report you want to run. You may also have pre-created reports in the Shared Reports folder that you can run again.

2) To create your own report from scratch click Start New Report.

Next, you'll choose what data you want to run a report on, and what information you want to see in the report. Click here to walk through the four steps of creating a report.


We know that when you need a report, you want to have it as quickly as possible. So we want to help you build the skills and confidence to build reports on your own so that your answers are just a few clicks away at any time.

If you'd like to learn more about running reports, you can:

  • Download our Report Manager & Wizard Guide, here

If you have a specific situation you are having challenges building an accurate report for, you can contact the Client Care desk through the Submit a Ticket link above.

The best way to get to know the reporting tool is to explore it - so don't hesitate to dive in and test out different options to better understand the many possibilities.

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