Customize the Promoted Campaign Tab

The Promoted Campaign tab shows up along the standard tabs such as Welcome, Your Activities and Impact, and lets you highlight a campaign that you'd like to draw employees attention to, such as an upcoming Month of Service or Holiday Giving activity, or their location's Special Event.

A Promoted Campaign is a Special Event. The tab will show the title of the event, the description, the photo uploaded for the event, and 3 opportunities that are active and local for the volunteer.

The tab will populate local and upcoming volunteer events based on the volunteer’s location. If there are multiple promoted campaigns in the volunteer’s area, the tab will circulate different campaigns each time the volunteer refreshes the page.

To Promote your Special Event

In the Edit Event page, beneath the description, check the box for "Promote on Homepage". The default name for the promoted tab is "Promoted Events". You can customize this title by entering a new on in the Title on Homepage Tab box (limit to 20 characters). Once you have an active opportunity posted under that campaign, the tab will be visible to someone if an opportunity is available in that person's area.

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