Customize the News Page and Photo Gallery

On the News page, you can post stories, photos and other information relevant to your community involvement programs. 

By default, you can include five news items. If you need more space, contact your Client Relations Manager to increase this limit.

To add a new article, click “Add News” in the Customize Tab.

  • Add a Headline and Content. The content of the news article can be updated like a word document – you can bold, italicize or format text.
  • Each news item can have one photo which will sit on the upper left-hand side of the article. At the bottom of the news page, you can select an available photo. This list will populate from your photo manager.
  • To add additional media, such as a video or more images, use the HTML editor to customize the article.
  • Select “Publish” if you would like the News item to appear now or “Draft” if you would like to change the News item to appear later. You can then preview and save your article.
  • To manage your existing news items, select “Manage News." You can select “Edit” to change the Headline, Content and Photo of an article. You can also delete an article here. 


The Photo Gallery displays along the left-hand column of your News page. Go to the Photo Gallery section of the Customize tab, and choose "Select Photos" - then choose the photos you'd like to see (available options pull in from your Photo Manager), and select "Add to Gallery". You can also edit or remove items here.


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