Add Custom Questions to the Hours Tracking Form or Volunteer Profile

You can ask volunteers custom questions when they track their hours or complete the volunteer profile.

For the volunteer profile, some examples could be business unit, department, manager, etc. If you are sending VolunteerMatch a data feed or using SSO, you should consult with us first before making any changes.

For the hours tracking form, some examples could be whether or not they took paid time off to volunteer, what type of volunteering they engaged in (e.g., skilled) how many students were tutored or how many trees were planted, what population benefited from their volunteering, etc.



Add Custom Questions 

To add new custom questions, first go to the Customize tab and click "Custom Questions."


Add Custom Questions to the Hours Tracking Form

Go to the Hours Tracking tab and click "Custom Questions and Fields."

Add Custom Questions to the Volunteer Profile

Go to the Customize tab and click "Registration Form."

Notes on using custom questions:

  • If you ask a question and collect data with it, and then remove it from being asked, the data will be stored but you will not be able to report on it unless it’s an active question.
  • If you change an answer to a question (for instance, if you rename a certain dropdown menu option), your data may become inconsistent so consult with us on your options to ensure data integrity.
  • You can add some basic HTML tags to help customize the look of the question (bold, italics, links etc.) and to add links to more information. 

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