Email Volunteers with Tracked or Untracked Hours

VolunteerMatch provides email tools to help you communicate with employees. Consider emailing employees a reminder to track their hours or to take advantage of the programs that your company offers.

1. Under your Hours Tracking tab, Select ‘Email All’ from the ‘Email volunteers’ menu to email those who have tracked hours, or select ‘Email All with Untracked Hours' from the Email Volunteers menu to email those who have connected with an opportunity but haven’t yet tracked hours for it

2. Edit the subject line and message to reflect your specific message and click 'Send' to send the email.

Email Tips

Copying and pasting content from a Word document sometimes can lead to strange characters which appear when you send the email. We recommend that you re-type the message in the actual "Message" field.

The 'To:' field is populated with project participants' email addresses. You can add or delete addresses from the list.

When you click ‘Preview’ the form will check each address and will automatically remove invalid addresses. If any are invalid, you will receive a list of addresses that could not be verified.

Check ‘Bcc’ to receive a copy of the email.

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