Access and Edit Organization or Opportunity Hours

View the hours that have been tracked for a specific opportunity. Use this feature to help gauge the level of impact for a specific opportunity - especially company-only opportunities - as part of an overall report on the programs you offer.

1. Under the Hours Tracking tab, select 'Manage Opportunity Hours' from the Manage Hours Tracking menu.

2. Locate the opportunity you would like to view, either by organization or opportunity name. You can sort the list and change the number of items displayed by using the dropdown option at the lower left of the table.

3. When you find the specific opportunity, click 'View Volunteers' to see a summary of the employees and their total hours tracked for the organization and opportunity.

4. View the volunteer who have signed up for the project (you can expand the view by using the dropdown at the lower left). You can see who has and hasn’t tracked hours, and use the checkboxes in the middle of the page to select individual volunteers for whom you’d like to update hours in bulk - just choose their hours, the date, and click Update. You can edit the hours of specific volunteers by clicking Add/Edit Hours on the right.

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