Activation Email

You can create a welcome message to send to your volunteers when their account is first uploaded via Quickstart (i.e., during the account creation process). In this email, you’ll want to encourage them to activivate their personal volunteer account and to locate a volunteer opportunity. To set up or edit this email:

1. Click on 'Account Home' in your Admin toolbar and Scroll down to the 'QuickStart' box. Click Manage QuickStart.

2. Enter the sender email address (where the email will appear to be sent from). As the site administrator, your email address will be preset as the default 'from' address, but it can be modified if you like.

3. Customize the subject line and message. There is no character limitation, however, it is advised that you keep your email greeting concise to provide clear messaging. These messages are not HTML customizable.

Note: Please do not edit or delete the _firstname_ or _autologinlink_ tags, as these will auto-populate the first name and the link that will drive the volunteer to access their account with a temporary password.

4. Click 'Preview' to see how the Activation Email will appear to your volunteers.

5. Select 'Edit' to modify the message, or click 'Save' to save the Activation Email content.

6. Once you have saved your message, your VolunteerMatch Account Manager will work with you to schedule an appropriate distribution date and work with our IT team to ensure smooth delivery.

Note: You'll want to pass along the information contained in this article to your IT team to ensure delivery on your end.

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