Select Organization and Opportunity Fields for Volunteers to Complete When Tracking Hours

Select fields related to the organization and opportunity that volunteers are required to complete when they enter hours for opportunities that were not found through VolunteerMatch. These fields will appear after a volunteer uses the Network Search functionality to look for an organization during the hours tracking process. If they find their organization in the search, they will not be prompted to answer organization questions.

Note: All volunteer opportunities require a title in addition to any other information you select, and the volunteer will be prompted to enter an Opportunity Name.

1. Under the Hours Tracking tab, click on ‘Fields for Volunteer (or Employee) Entered Hours’

2. Select the fields you’d like to be required for volunteers to fill in

Best practice: While we offer a variety of possible fields, choose only those that are necessary for reporting on your program in order to make the hours tracking experience of the volunteer as simple as possible. We suggest Organization Name and Address, and Opportunity Type and Description.

Best practice: If you’d like to have more control over how some of the common organization and opportunity fields appear (i.e., with alternate text and with the option to make fields required or not), you can create your own custom questions for the organization or opportunity in the next section, ‘Custom Questions and Fields’. ‘Opportunity Name’, as noted above, is the only exception and will remain in place as a required field.

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