Adding or Changing the Special Event Contact

The Special Event Contact is generally the individual most responsible for the Event. Their name appears on the landing page/microsite and they can be emailed from there as well. The Special Event Contact will receive email notifications when people sign up for Projects within the Event, unless there is a Project Leader associated with the Project - in that case, the Project Leader will receive those emails.

The Special Event Contact does not necessarily have to be a Special Event Administrator; that is, their contact info can be displayed and they can receive sign up emails without also having administrative rights to make changes. However, most Special Event Contacts are also Special Event Adminstrators.

To add or change the Special Event Contact:

1. Add them as either a Contact or an Administrator (more common) in the Manage Event Administrators box on the left side of the Manage Special Event page.

2. Select Edit in the Manage Special Event box in the middle of the Event dashboard page. Underneath the Description field, you'll see a dropdown menu to choose the Special Event Contact. Click Submit at the bottom to save your changes.


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