What is an Opportunity Leader / Admin?

Opportunity Leaders / Admins can manage and edit different parts of a project:

Opportunity Leaders can:

  • Add and remove participants
  • Manage the waitlist
  • Communicate with attendees
  • Run reports

Opportunity Admins can do all of that, PLUS:

  • Edit the project (time, date, address, etc.)
  • Track hours for participants

How do I become one?


In order to be assigned this role, a Full Admin or Special Event Admin must grant you access.


If you are a Full Admin or Special Event Admin, you can assign someone these roles by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Manage Participants page
  2. Go to the Opportunity Admin section.  
  3. Choose to assign or recruit an Opportunity Admin / Leader.
  • If you choose to assign, someone is instantly given the role.  Click Edit > Assign > Admin/Leader > Next.  Enter their email address, which needs to be associated with an active account.  They will receive an email notification, and you can later reassign or remove them by going back to Edit.
  • If you choose to recruit, someone can sign up for the role from the project page.  Click Edit > Recruit > Admin/Leader > Next.  You can add a position name and description which will show up when someone signs up for the role.







Once assigned the role, Opportunity Leaders / Admins can access the Manage Participants page by clicking the Megaphone Icon on their volunteering dashboard.




NOTE: if you are an Opportunity Admin / Leader and you need to remove yourself from the participants list, do so from the Manage Participants Page. Otherwise you will remove yourself as an Opportunity Admin / Leader and will not be able to access the project. 


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