Opportunity Actions - Preview, Duplicate, Delete, Share Link

On the Opportunity Details Page, you'll see a column displaying your opportunity status (Active or Draft) and different actions you can take. 

Here you can: 

1) Preview the project signup page

2) Make a copy of your project 

The Copy feature allows you to duplicate most information from an existing project, and make updates to the date/time/title, etc.


To make a copy of your project, click the Copy link on the Details page.

  • Your new project will open in a new tab, with "COPY" in the title until you edit it
  • Advanced options (photos, custom questions, email alerts) will not copy over.  You'll need to be re-select them.

3) Delete your project 

To delete your project, click the Delete link on the Opportunity Details page.

4) Share it to friends, family & co-workers!

To share your project to via Facebook, Twitter, Email, or LinkedIn, click the icons in the upper-right of the Opportunity Details page.


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