Last Day to Sign up


If you have a deadline for the last day volunteers can sign up for your opportunity, the “Last Day to Sign up” feature can save the day! Whether you need an accurate head count a few days before or want volunteers to sign up retroactively, use this tool to make sure all your volunteers are accounted for.

Not sure where to go to edit your opportunity? Click here for guidance.

Opportunities without shifts:

Select the “Recruitment” tab under your Opportunity Management page.  The top box on the left hand side named “Last Day to Sign Up” will appear with a place to edit or put in a new date. Select the last day volunteers are eligible to sign up and your changes will automatically be saved.

Opportunities with shifts: 

Each shift has its own "Last Day to Sign Up." You can edit these dates by selecting the "Shifts" tab under your Opportunity Management page. Then select 'Edit.'

This will bring you back to the opportunity form, where you can update each shift's sign up date. 

Be sure to scroll down and select 'Save' to keep your changes!

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