Opportunity ZIP code Coverage

You can select various levels of zip code coverage on the Recruitment tab of the Opportunity Details Page. If you choose not to expand recruitment coverage, the Activity will appear in all search results within a 20 mile radius of the Activity zip code. The Zip Code Coverage section does not appear for opportunities with virtual locations.



Each coverage area in the drop-down menu varies in the number of zip codes where the opportunity will appear in search results.

Once you've selected the listing's coverage area, the section will refresh to display the number of zip codes covered and a link to view the zip codes where the Activity listing will appear in volunteer search results. Please disable any pop-up blockers on your browser, this may prevent the View link from appearing.

Once you've saved the coverage Area, the ZIP CODE COVERAGE section will no longer display the map location of the Activity, and the section will be updated to list the recruitment coverage area.

Removing Zip Code Coverage

To remove or change zip code coverage for your opportunity, select EDIT and the new coverage area from the drop down menu.




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