Your Opportunity's Location

The location step lets volunteers know where your project will be taking place.

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If there is a specific location, choose One Location, then go ahead and fill out the address. If it's recognized by the map, that's your sign that it will pull in to local results correctly.

  • This address will show in the search results as well as on the main project page.

  • Volunteers can click on the link to open the location in Google maps and get directions

  • Once you've completed this page and moved on to Opportunity Listing, you'll be able to expand the zip code coverage to make it show up more broadly in searches.

If this is a project people can help with remotely, choose Virtual to indicate that there is no associated address and volunteers do not need to travel or meet up to participate.

  • This will remove the address fields, so no map will be shown

  • This option can be used for opportunities such as website help or computer-based activities, knitting blankets that will be mailed to one central location, or phone companionship for home-bound senior citizens.

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