Opportunity Description, Skills & Requirements

In this section, you'll give prospective  volunteers a snapshot of what this opportunity is all about, and help them decide if they are a good candidate to volunteer.

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In the description field, include a brief explanation of the volunteer activity

  • You won't need to repeat information about the date, location, or cause areas of the project - volunteers will be able to see all the fields you are filling out on the project listing page, so focus on any information that is not included elsewhere
  • This is a great place to put a "call to action" for why volunteers are needed and what impact they can make
  • Leave project requirements such as age limit, as well as key skills, for the next fields
  • Select the ABC tool to proofread your description's spelling
  • You can format this field like a Microsoft Work document, with bold, italic, list bullets or numbers, and hyperlinks.

Next, you can add the skills that you'd like volunteers for this project to possess

  • You can select up to six skills - these will be shown in the details column of the opportunity page

Finally, add in the specific requirements, such as a driver's license, that all volunteer's must have to participate.

  • You can choose from standard skills, or describe your own in the open text field
  • The time commitment should include any training before the activity
  • These will show in the details column above the desired skills


Here is how the volunteer looking at the page will see the description, skills and requirements sections:

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