Help Employees Find your Listings

You can make sure your opportunity shows up in search results by connecting it to relevant causes, keywords, and special groups in this step of creating and editing a project.

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First, choose up to three cause areas that this opportunity relates to.

  • Scroll down to see all the available causes, or type to search for the one you're looking for.

  • When volunteers search by cause area or click on a cause area link within the site, this will ensure that you're project is tagged to show up in the results

Next, add in keywords that volunteers may search for - this will link those words to your project, and ensure that when they are entered, your project is pulled into the search results.

  • When a term such as "environment" is searched, the title, activity description, and keywords of your opportunity listing will be scanned, and the opportunity will be shown in the results if the word appears in any of these fields

Finally, you can mark your project as a good fit for specific groups such as kids and teens. On the search results page, these categories are available as filters - projects that have been checked in these categories will show up in filtered searches.


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