Project Signup Confirmation Email / Volunteer Greeting

The signup confirmation/volunteer greeting email includes Project details and a call to action button.  

Click here to manage existing emails.

To customize this email, follow the steps below:

1. Visit the Project Details page

2. Click the COMMUNICATIONS tab

3. Click Standard Volunteer Greeting to preview the default email to be sent to volunteers. 


4. Click ADD EMAIL to create a new email template.  This will be saved for future use.  Note:  This will open a new window.  Disable any pop up blockers in your browser settings which may prevent the window from appearing. 



Custom Content Tips & Tricks

Subject Line: These are the first words volunteers will see in their inbox. Make them count and get them excited to be involved!

Description: Include anything from specific information or instructions for the volunteer activity, to encouraging these recipients to invite guests.

Button Label & URL: This image stands out in the email and should be a call to action, related to the the website URL link that is embedded in the button.

Name: Name of the email template.  This displays on the COMMUNICATIONS tab, in the Volunteer Greeting section. 

"SAVE" closes the window and stores the email to use for that Activity and any other Activity in that Special Event. "BACK" will return to the Customize Page to make edits. "CANCEL" will not save any changes and close the window.

The Volunteer Greeting can also send required Activity documents like waivers and orientation information. "ADD ATTACHMENT" will open a pop up window to upload any document from you computer [get file size limits]

This attachment will now be available to include for all Activity Volunteer Greeting emails and Pre & Post Activity Alerts [see article] in that Special Event.

Manage Volunteer Greeting Emails

To manage Volunteer Greeting emails and email attachments for all your Special Event's Activities, select the ' Manage {Special Event name} link. The 'Greeting Manager' and 'Document Manager' links under the 'Customize Projects' section redirects to pages that lists which Activities are sending which custom Volunteer Greetings and attachments and have additional management controls for those communication features.

You can add new, edit existing and delete any greetings or attachments from these pages.From the Document Manager, you can add new attachments or delete or replace existing attachments.

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