Submitting a VolunteerRewards application

If your site uses Volunteer Rewards, then you can submit an application for a Reward (Dollars for Doers, etc.) once you've tracked enough hours.  Your Nonprofit will be prompted to verify your volunteer hours and you can track your reward status throughout the process.

Apply for a Reward

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To submit an application, follow the instructions below:

1. After reaching the Hours Threshold, click the Rewards button to visit the Dashboard

2. If you are eligible to apply (each program has different parameters, I.E. number of hours required, etc.), the Start Your Application button will appear on right

3. Click Start Your Application.  Review the Hours Verification Contact, or if your hours were manually entered, enter the Nonprofit and Verification Contact information.

4. If applicable, answer any custom questions, then click Submit Application.

5. After you submit the application, the Hours Verification contact will receive an Email to verify your volunteer hours.

Check your application status

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All the statuses below may not apply to your volunteer program. Check the FAQ link on the top of your company's VolunteerMatch site to verify the rules of your program.

To check the current status of your application, click the REWARDS button.  Below are descriptions of what each status means:

  • Pending Verification: Awaiting for hours to be verified by Nonprofit Contact
  • Expired: Hours were not verified by the deadline set in Program Parameters
  • Incomplete:  Nonprofit Contact declined the hours
  • Pending Approval:  Hours were verified; awaiting status change from an Administrator
  • Approved:  Site Administrator updated the Application to this status
  • Pending Payment:  Site Administrator updated the Application to this status
  • Paid:  Site Administrator updated the Application to this status
  • Application Didn't Meet Guidelines:  Site Administrator updated the Application to this status

If your application status is set to Approved, you will receive an email:  

Subject: Your Grant Application is Accepted!


Congratulations John,

Your VIP Grant Program application, submitted on May 10, 2012, has been accepted by your site administrator, Vicky Hush.  No further action needs to be taken at this time, however if you have any questions regarding this approval, contact Jane at

Thank you for participating in our Company Volunteer Rewards Program!

- Your Company

Resend the Hours Verification Email

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While your application is in “Pending Verification” status, you can resend the Hours Verification Email to the Nonprofit Contact.  You can also send the email to a different person.  To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click the REWARDS button > View > Resend Verification Notice.
  2. If you would like to send the email to a different contact, click “Send to a New Contact”.  Review (or Edit) the Email Subject and Body, then click Send.

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