Your Activities Tab

From the Your Activities tab, you can track volunteer hours, submit rewards, suggest volunteer opportunities, and more! Click below to learn about each tool:

  1. Track Hours
  2. Rewards
  3. Suggest a Volunteer Opportunity
  4. Profile

For more information on the tools in the Your Volunteering box, click here.


Note: Depending on your program, you may not have access to all of these features. Contact your company's volunteer coordinator for more information.


1. Track Hours


Click "Track Hours" to track your volunteer hours! From this button you can track hours toward:

  • A volunteer opportunity you have signed up for on the site for in Your Volunteering table (select from dropdown)
  • A volunteer activity that you have tracked hours toward in the past (select from dropdown)
  • A new volunteer activity that is not already in Your Volunteering table (click "Add New Activity")

*You can also click on the little clock icon() in the "Your Volunteering" Table next to the volunteer opportunity you want to track hours toward


 2. Rewards


If your organization has a volunteer rewards program, clicking this button will give you access to:

  • Your reward status.
  • Your company's reward policies.
  • Where you can submit your reward application.


3. Suggest a Volunteer Opportunity


Have a great idea for a volunteer activity that you want to share with fellow employees? Hit the Suggest button! From here you can fill out your volunteer opportunity details and submit it to your company's activity coordinator for approval. 

Check back here to check on your project proposal status. If it is approved, it will show up in Your Volunteering table!


4. Profile


Clicking Profile will take you to your profile details page, where you view and edit the following profile data:

  • Personal Information
  • Work Information
  • Volunteering Preferences
  • Email Preferences

Please note that some companies lock personal and work information fields. If you see incorrect information that is un-editable, please email your company's volunteer coordinator to change it.




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