Release Notes Effective 11/8/2016

VolunteerMatch makes improvements and updates to its service every 4-5 weeks.

Updates you can expect in this release include:

  • Responsive:

          - Improved the participant list for better viewing on a mobile device

  • YourMatch Site

          - Shifts Development

               - Final development on Shifts functionality for Activity Listing Flow (ALF)

               - We are piloting a small beta group in December to test in production; if you’re                                interested, please contact your CRM as soon as possible

               - Release expected in January 2017

          - Fixed issue related to changing Opp Admins and Leaders

  • Public Site

          - Posted disaster relief feature for Hurricane Matthew
          - Updated service expiration and renewal e-mail for nonprofits
          - Added the AMEX as a payment option for nonprofits
          - Updated donation links for nonprofits
          - Updated the Press icons on the homepage
          - Updated the sidebar content on the press room pages

  • Effective November 8, 2016 VolunteerMatch will not include Internet Explorer 8 as a supported browser. Internet Explore removed version 8 from their supported browser service in January 2016. You may continue using VolunteerMatch Internet Explorer 8 version browser, but testing and bug support will no longer occur for this version. The browsers we do support can be viewed here.
  • Moving to a new access/single sign-on (SSO) provider? VolunteerMatch can manage access through OKTA and OneLogin

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