Making YourMatch Yours: A New Series of Training Webinars

Are you a full-site or SEM administrator interested in setting up your Special Events, discovering the full power of project management, and ultimately maintaining your company site? Making YourMatch Yours is an upcoming complete training series for Bronze (and higher)-level full-site administrators to help you effectively set-up and manage your company site!

Four or five webinars are set to release every couple of months this year with our first training in the following weeks. You'll receive a notification email before our live training, so please register for any trainings once you receive it! Miss a live training? We'll post recordings right on this page within 24 hours. 

Past Making YourMatch Yours webinars:

Please access the Special Events & Opportunity/Project Management Training here:

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Upcoming Making YourMatch Yours webinars:

To be announced!

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