Engage Volunteers in Covid-19 Specific Opportunities

VolunteerMatch is curating and helping nonprofits with tagging  opportunities that are addressing COVID-19.  Here are some ways we are helping your volunteers help during this unprecedented time.


View the COVID-19 Page


We've added a new page that makes it simple and easy to see both local, on-site and virtual, remote COVID-19 specific volunteer opportunities.  We're reaching out and educating nonprofits to encourage them to create and sunset activities, so your VolunteerMatch opportunities are always fresh. For local, on-site activities, we are communicating standard safety guidelines to implement during the crisis. 


Use the COVID-19 Filter in Search


You can create a search link to include in your Welcome Screen, in communications tools you use (email, intranet, slack, chat, etc.). Here's how:

For Virtual, remote


For On-site, location based


Replace 'acmecorp7' in the url above with your own site domain to create the same link for your VolunteerMatch Site.

Once you have your custom urls, you can share then with your volunteers.  To add them to the Welcome Screen on your VolunteerMatch site, read this article.

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