QuickStart is a process where VolunteerMatch can securely create and update mass amounts of employee information, pre-creating accounts for your volunteers and improving the quality of your reporting information. Here’s how it works: your HR or IT department sends a CSV file with volunteer information to VolunteerMatch. You will pass this file over FTP, secured with PGP encryption. Once VolunteerMatch receives the file, we upload the information and your employee’s accounts are created and/or updated. VolunteerMatch deletes this file after it has been successfully uploaded. Once an employees account has been created, they will receive an activation email letting them know that their account has been made. For full information on how to format the file, you can reference our Quickstart CSV Documentation. Here are the basics: The file needs to be in CSV, with a formatted header. Our required fields are: first name, last name, email, phone, postal code and country. You can also add additional fields that you want to be able to report out on (think about department, location, division, etc.).